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2d and 3d geometry for Computer Vision and Robotics


sophus-rs is a Rust library for 2d and 3d geometry for Computer Vision and Robotics applications. It is a spin-off of the Sophus C++ library which focuses on Lie groups (e.g. rotations and transformations in 2d and 3d).

In addition to Lie groups, sophus-rs also includes other geometric/maths concepts such unit vector, splines, image classes, camera models as well as a other utilities such as a non-linear least squares optimization.


This library is in an early development stage - hence API is highly unstable. It is likely that existing features will be removed or changed in the future.

However, the intend is to stride for correctness, facilitated using a comprehensive test suite.


sophus-rs builds on stable.

sophus = "0.8.0"

To allow for batch types, such as BatchScalarF64, the 'simd' feature is required. This feature depends on portable-simd, which is currently only available on nightly. There are no plans to rely on any other nightly features.

sophus = { version = "0.8.0", features = ["simd"] }


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