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bin+lib luminol

Luminol is a FOSS recreation of RPG Maker XP in Rust with love ❤️

1 unstable release

Uses new Rust 2021

0.2.0 Sep 22, 2022

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GPL-3.0 license



Luminol is an experimental remake of the RPG Maker XP editor in Rust with love ❤️.

Luminol targets wasm and native builds with eframe. Luminol also temporarily uses Rusty Object Notation (.ron) for serialization. Marshal .rxdata is planned, and a custom .lumina format is also planned.

Luminol may use Lua for plugins in the future. It is something I am actively looking into.

You can obtain RON versions of RPG Maker XP data using rmxp_extractor.

Running luminol

wasm builds are deployed to luminol.dev wasm is temporarily on hold for now to speed up development.

Native builds are the main focus at the moment, but no official releases will be made until Luminol os stable and usable.


~1M SLoC