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Bevy Web Asset

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This is a tiny crate that that adds the ability to load assets from http and https urls.

Supports both wasm (web-sys) and native.

This is nice if you want to keep your content on a server, even when developing native games. Use cases can be:

  • Tuning game balance post-launch
  • Seasonal events (halloween theme etc.)
  • Downloading dynamic content from 3rd party services (lospec, gltf repositories etc.)
  • Sharing user-created assets/mods over some service (level editor etc.)
  • Keeping initial download size small
  • Testing with different online assets during development


NOTE: You need to add the plugin before AssetPlugin:

use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_web_asset::WebAssetPlugin;

fn main() {
        // The `WebAssetPlugin` must be inserted before the `AssetPlugin`
        // ...

But using it is quite simple, just use http urls instead of regular asset paths.

let font: Handle<Font> = asset_server.load("https://example.com/fonts/quicksand-light.ttf");


commands.spawn(SpriteBundle {
    // Simply use a url where you would normally use an asset folder relative path
    texture: asset_server.load("https://johanhelsing.studio/assets/favicon.png"),

Bevy version support

I intend to support the latest bevy release in the main branch.

bevy bevy_web_asset
0.13 0.8, main
0.12 0.7
0.9 0.5
0.8 0.4
0.7 0.3
0.6 0.2
0.5 0.1


bevy_web_asset is dual-licensed under either

at your option.


PRs welcome!


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