Cargo Features

image = { version = "0.25.1", default-features = false, features = ["default-formats", "avif", "bmp", "dds", "exr", "ff", "gif", "hdr", "ico", "jpeg", "png", "pnm", "qoi", "tga", "tiff", "webp", "rayon", "nasm", "avif-native", "benchmarks"] }
default = default-formats, rayon

These default features are set whenever image is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

default-formats default = avif, bmp, dds, exr, ff, gif, hdr, ico, jpeg, png, pnm, qoi, tga, tiff, webp

Format features

avif default-formats

Enables ravif and rgb

Affects image::codecs.avif

bmp default-formats ico?

Affects image::codecs.bmp

dds default-formats


exr default-formats

Enables exr

Affects image::codecs.openexr

ff default-formats

Farbfeld image format

Affects image::codecs.farbfeld

gif default-formats

Enables color_quant and gif


Optional dependencies

Affects image::codecs.gif

hdr default-formats

Affects image::codecs.hdr

ico default-formats = bmp, png

Affects image::codecs.ico

jpeg default-formats

Enables zune-core and zune-jpeg

Affects image::codecs.jpeg

png default-formats ico?

Enables png

Affects image::codecs.png

pnm default-formats

Affects image::codecs.pnm

qoi default-formats

Enables qoi

Affects image::codecs.qoi

tga default-formats

Affects image::codecs.tga

tiff default-formats

Enables tiff

Affects image::codecs.tiff

webp default-formats

Enables image-webp

Affects image::codecs.webp

rayon default

Other features
Enables multi-threading

Enables rayon


Enables use of nasm by rav1e (requires nasm to be installed)

Enables asm of optional ravif


Enable native dependency libdav1d

Enables dav1d, dcv-color-primitives, and mp4parse

Affects image::codecs.avif


Build some inline benchmarks. Useful only during development (requires nightly Rust)