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Poll the result of an async operation in a game or immediate mode GUI

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A Rust promise for games and immediate mode GUIs

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poll-promise is a Rust crate for polling the result of a concurrent (e.g. async) operation. This is in particular useful in games and immediate mode GUI:s, where one often wants to start a background operation and then ask "are we there yet?" on each subsequent frame until the operation completes.


let promise = poll_promise::Promise::spawn_thread("slow_operation", something_slow);

// Then in the game loop or immediate mode GUI code:
if let Some(result) = promise.ready() {
    // Use/show result
} else {
    // Show a loading icon

If you enable the tokio feature you can use poll-promise with the tokio runtime.


The crate is primarily useful as a high-level building block in apps.

This crate provides convenience methods to spawn threads and tokio tasks, and methods that block on waiting for a result. This is gererally a bad idea to do in a library, as decisions about execution environments and thread blocking should be left to the app. So we do not recommend using this crate for libraries in its current state.

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