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🐦 Puffin - The Friendly Little Profiler

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Puffin photo by Richard Bartz

Puffin is an instrumentation profiler written in Rust where you opt-in to profile parts of you code:

fn my_function() {
    if ... {
        puffin::profile_scope_data!("load_image", image_name):

The Puffin macros write data to a thread-local data stream. When the outermost scope of a thread is closed, the data stream is sent to a global profiler collector. The scopes are pretty light-weight, costing around 100-200 nanoseconds.

You have to turn on the profiler before it captures any data with a call to puffin::set_scopes_on(true);. When the profiler is off the profiler scope macros only has an overhead of 1-2 ns (and some stack space);


If you want to view a nice flamegraph of your profile data, you can use the crate puffin-imgui in this repo. It looks like this:

Puffin Flamegraph UI


Puffin photo by Richard Bartz


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