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Binding for the zstd compression library

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This library is a rust binding for the zstd compression library.


1 - Add to cargo.toml

Using cargo-edit

$ cargo add zstd


# Cargo.toml

zstd = "0.4"

2 - Usage

This library provides Read and Write wrappers to handle (de)compression, along with convenience functions to made common tasks easier.

For instance, stream::copy_encode and stream::copy_decode are easy-to-use wrappers around std::io::copy. Check the stream example:

extern crate zstd;

use std::io;

// This function use the convenient `copy_encode` method
fn compress(level: i32) {
    zstd::stream::copy_encode(io::stdin(), io::stdout(), level).unwrap();

// This function does the same thing, directly using an `Encoder`:
fn compress_manually(level: i32) {
    let mut encoder = zstd::stream::Encoder::new(io::stdout(), level).unwrap();
    io::copy(&mut io::stdin(), &mut encoder).unwrap();

fn decompress() {
    zstd::stream::copy_decode(io::stdin(), io::stdout()).unwrap();

Asynchronous support

You can use this library to wrap non-blocking writer/readers: add the tokio feature, and stream::Encoder and stream::Decoder will implement AsyncWrite and AsyncRead, respectively.

Compile it yourself

zstd is included as a submodule. To get everything during your clone, use:

git clone https://github.com/gyscos/zstd-rs --recursive

Or, if you cloned it without the --recursive flag, call this from inside the repository:

git submodule update --init

Then, running cargo build should take care of building the C library and linking to it.

Build-time bindgen

This library includes a pre-generated bindings.rs file. You can also generate new bindings at build-time, using the bindgen feature:

cargo build --features bindgen


  • Benchmarks, optimizations, ...


This implementation is largely inspired by bozaro's lz4-rs.


  • The zstd C library is under a dual BSD/GPLv2 license.
  • This zstd-rs binding library is under a MIT license.


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