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wgpu-rs is an idiomatic Rust wrapper over wgpu-core. It's designed to be suitable for general purpose graphics and computation needs of Rust community.

wgpu-rs can target both the natively supported backends and Wasm directly.

See our gallery and the wiki page for the list of libraries and applications using wgpu-rs.


How to Run Examples

All examples are located under the examples directory.

These examples use the default syntax for running examples, as found in the Cargo documentation. For example, to run the cube example:

cargo run --bin cube

The hello* examples show bare-bones setup without any helper code. For hello-compute, pass 4 numbers separated by spaces as arguments:

cargo run --bin hello-compute 1 2 3 4

The following environment variables can be used to configure how the framework examples run:


    Options: vulkan, metal, dx11, dx12, gl, webgpu

    If unset a default backend is chosen based on what is supported by your system.


    Options: low, high, none

    If unset power usage is not considered when choosing an adapter.


    Select a specific adapter by specifying a substring of the adapter name.

Run Examples on the Web (wasm32-unknown-unknown)

See wiki article.


WGSL is the main shading language of WebGPU.

Users can run the naga binary in the following way to convert their SPIR-V shaders to WGSL:

cargo run -- <input.spv> <output.wgsl>

In addition, SPIR-V can be used by enabling the spirv feature and GLSL can be enabled by enabling the glsl feature at the cost of slightly increased build times.


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