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Simple library for rendering text with wgpu

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wgpu-text is a wrapper over glyph-brush for fast and easy text rendering in wgpu.

This project was inspired by and is similar to wgpu_glyph, but has additional features and is simpler. Also there is no need to include glyph-brush in your project.

Some features are directly implemented from glyph-brush so you should go trough Section docs and Section examples for better understanding of managing and adding text.


Add the following to your Cargo.toml file:

wgpu_text = "0.6.3"


use wgpu_text::section::{Section, Text, Layout, HorizontalAlign};

let brush = wgpu_text::BrushBuilder::using_font_bytes(font).unwrap()
 /* .initial_cache_size((1024, 1024))) */ // use this to avoid resizing cache texture
 /* .with_depth_testing(true) */ // enable/disable depth testing
    .build(&device, &config);
// Directly implemented from glyph_brush.
let section = Section::default()
    .add_text(Text::new("Hello World"))

// on window resize:
        brush.resize_view(config.width as f32, config.height as f32, &queue);

// window event loop:
    winit::event::Event::RedrawRequested(_) => {
        // Has to be queued every frame.
        let text_buffer = brush.draw(&device, &view, &queue);
        // Has to be submitted last so text won't be overlapped.
        queue.submit([some_other_encoder.finish(), text_buffer]);


For more detailed examples look trough examples.

  • cargo run --example <example-name>

Run examples with --release for true performance.


Besides basic text rendering and glyph-brush features, there are some features that add customization:

builtin matrix - default matrix for orthographic projection, feel free to use it for creating custom matrices

custom matrix - ability of providing a custom matrix for purposes of custom view, rotation... (the downside is that it applies to all rendered text)

depth testing - by adding z coordinate, text can be set on top or below other text (if enabled)


  • try to improve docs
  • maybe some new features
  • (wgpu stuff: maybe change to StagingBelt instead of Queue)


All contributions are welcome.


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