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app wgpu-info

A tool to print and process information about available wgpu adapters

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0.19.0 Jan 17, 2024
0.18.0 Oct 25, 2023
0.17.0 Jul 21, 2023

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This is a command line utility that does two different functions.

Listing Adapters

When called with no arguments, wgpu-info will list all adapters visible to wgpu and all the information about them we have.

For OpenGL on platforms other than Linux add the angle feature, for Vulkan on macOS add the vulkan-portability feature.

cargo run --bin wgpu-info

Running Test on many Adapters

When called with any amount of arguments, it will interpret all of the arguments as a command to run. It will run this command N different times, one for every combination of adapter and backend on the system.

For every command invocation, it will set WGPU_ADAPTER_NAME to the name of the adapter name and WGPU_BACKEND to the name of the backend. This is used as the primary means of testing across many adapters.


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