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Easy to use, customizable, efficient 3D renderer library built on wgpu.

Library is under active development. While internals will likely change quite a bit, the external api will only experience minor changes as features are added.

To use rend3 add the following to your Cargo.toml:

rend3 = "0.2.2"


scifi-base emerald-square example


Take a look at the examples getting started with the api.


rend3 tries to fulfill the following usecases:

  1. Games and visualizations that need a customizable, and efficient renderer.
  2. Small projects that just want to put objects on screen, but want lighting and effects.
  3. A small cog in a big machine: a renderer doesn't interfere with the rest of the program.

rend3 is not:

  1. A framework or engine. It does not include all the parts needed to make an advanced game or simulation nor care how you structure your program. I do have plans for a rend3-util (or similar) crate that is a very basic framework for the second use case listed above.

GPU Culling

On Vulkan and DX12 "gpu mode" is enabled by default, which uses modern bindless resources and gpu-based culling. This reduces CPU load and allows sigifigantly more powerful culling.

Future Plans

I have grand plans for this library. An overview can be found in the issue tracker under the enhancement label.

Helping Out

We welcome all contributions and ideas. If you want to participate or have ideas for this library, we'd love to hear them!

License: MIT OR Apache-2.0 OR Zlib


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