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bin+lib scene-viewer

A gltf scene viewer based on the rend3 3D rendering engine

3 unstable releases

0.3.0 Feb 12, 2022
0.2.1 Oct 9, 2021
0.2.0 Oct 9, 2021

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gltf (and glb) loader and viewer using the rend3 rendering engine.

Default Scene

To download the default scene:

# On windows, make sure to type curl.exe to get real curl, not the alias in powershell.
# On *nix, just type `curl`.
curl.exe https://cdn.cwfitz.com/scenes/rend3-default-scene.tar -o ./examples/scene-viewer/resources/rend3-default-scene.tar
tar xf ./examples/scene-viewer/resources/rend3-default-scene.tar -C ./examples/scene-viewer/resources

The source of the default scene is available here:


Default Scene

Default scene, exposed through glTF:

cargo run --bin scene-viewer --release --  --shadow-distance 40 --msaa 4 --fullscreen

Sci-fi Base

Exported Unity Scene through glTF:

cargo run --bin scene-viewer --release --  ..\gltf-export\sci-fi-base-ktx\sci-fi-base.gltf --shadow-distance 1000 --msaa 4 --gltf-disable-directional-lights --directional-light -1,-0.5,-1 --directional-light-intensity 20 --fullscreen


Bistro scene from NVIDIA ORCA touched up by https://github.com/aclysma/rendering-demo-scenes

cargo run --bin scene-viewer --profile release --  ..\rendering-demo-scenes\bistro\bistro.gltf --normal-y-down --msaa 4 --gltf-disable-directional-lights --directional-light 1,-5,-1 --directional-light-intensity 15 --fullscreen

Emerald Square

Emerald-Square from NVIDIA ORCA exported to GLTF with blender:

cargo run --bin scene-viewer --release --  ..\gltf-export\emerald-square\untitled.gltf --shadow-distance 1000 --msaa 4 --gltf-disable-directional-lights --directional-light -1,-1,-1 
--directional-light-intensity 20 --fullscreen


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