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Create tray icons for desktop applications

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tray-icon lets you create tray icons for desktop applications.

Platforms supported:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux (gtk Only)

Platform-specific notes:

  • On Windows and Linux, an event loop must be running on the thread, on Windows, a win32 event loop and on Linux, a gtk event loop. It doesn't need to be the main thread but you have to create the tray icon on the same thread as the event loop.
  • On macOS, an event loop must be running on the main thread so you also need to create the tray icon on the main thread.

Cargo Features

  • common-controls-v6: Use TaskDialogIndirect API from ComCtl32.dll v6 on Windows for showing the predefined About menu item dialog.
  • libxdo: Enables linking to libxdo which is used for the predfined Copy, Cut, Paste and SelectAll menu item, see https://github.com/tauri-apps/muda#cargo-features
  • serde: Enables de/serializing derives.

Dependencies (Linux Only)

On Linux, gtk, libxdo is used to make the predfined Copy, Cut, Paste and SelectAll menu items work and libappindicator or libayatnat-appindicator are used to create the tray icon, so make sure to install them on your system.

Arch Linux / Manjaro:

pacman -S gtk3 xdotool libappindicator-gtk3 #or libayatana-appindicator

Debian / Ubuntu:

sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev libxdo-dev libappindicator3-dev #or libayatana-appindicator3-dev


Create a tray icon without a menu.

use tray_icon::TrayIconBuilder;

let tray_icon = TrayIconBuilder::new()
    .with_tooltip("system-tray - tray icon library!")

Create a tray icon with a menu.

use tray_icon::{TrayIconBuilder, menu::Menu};

let tray_menu = Menu::new();
let tray_icon = TrayIconBuilder::new()
    .with_tooltip("system-tray - tray icon library!")

Processing tray events

You can use TrayIconEvent::receiver to get a reference to the TrayIconEventReceiver which you can use to listen to events when a click happens on the tray icon

use tray_icon::TrayIconEvent;

if let Ok(event) = TrayIconEvent::receiver().try_recv() {
    println!("{:?}", event);

You can also listen for the menu events using MenuEvent::receiver to get events for the tray context menu.

use tray_icon::{TrayIconEvent, menu::{MenuEvent}};

if let Ok(event) = TrayIconEvent::receiver().try_recv() {
    println!("tray event: {:?}", event);

if let Ok(event) = MenuEvent::receiver().try_recv() {
    println!("menu event: {:?}", event);




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