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Cross-platform WebView rendering library

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WRY (Webview Rendering librarY)

Cross-platform WebView rendering library in Rust that supports all major desktop platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

wry = "0.9"


Wry connects the web engine on each platform and provides easy to use and unified interface to render WebView. It also re-exports tao as a module for event loop and window creation.


The minimum example to create a Window and browse a website looks like following:

fn main() -> wry::Result<()> {
  use wry::{
      event::{Event, StartCause, WindowEvent},
      event_loop::{ControlFlow, EventLoop},

  let event_loop = EventLoop::new();
  let window = WindowBuilder::new()
    .with_title("Hello World")
  let _webview = WebViewBuilder::new(window)?

  event_loop.run(move |event, _, control_flow| {
    *control_flow = ControlFlow::Wait;

    match event {
      Event::NewEvents(StartCause::Init) => println!("Wry has started!"),
      Event::WindowEvent {
        event: WindowEvent::CloseRequested,
      } => *control_flow = ControlFlow::Exit,
      _ => (),

There are also more samples under examples, you can enter commands like following to try them:

cargo run --example multi_window

For more information, please read the documentation below.


Platform-specific notes

All platforms uses tao to build the window, and wry re-export it as application module. Here are the underlying web engine each platform uses, and some dependencies you might need to install.


Tao uses gtk-rs and its related libraries for window creation and wry also needs WebKitGTK for WebView. So please make sure following packages are installed:

Arch Linux / Manjaro:

sudo pacman -S webkit2gtk gtksourceview3 libappindicator-gtk3 clang

Debian / Ubuntu:

sudo apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev libgtksourceview-3.0-dev libappindicator3-dev clang


sudo dnf install gtk3-devel webkit2gtk3-devel gtksourceview3-devel libappindicator-gtk3-devel clang


WebKit is native on macOS so everything should be fine.

If you are cross-compiling for macOS using osxcross and encounter a runtime panic like Class with name WKWebViewConfiguration could not be found it's possible that WebKit.framework has not been linked correctly, to fix this set the RUSTFLAGS environment variable:

RUSTFLAGS="-l framework=WebKit" cargo build --target=x86_64-apple-darwin --release


WebView2 provided by Microsoft Edge Chromium is used. So wry supports Windows 7, 8, and 10.




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