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About Tauri

Tauri is a polyglot and generic system that is very composable and allows engineers to make a wide variety of applications. It is used for building applications for Desktop Computers using a combination of Rust tools and HTML rendered in a Webview. Apps built with Tauri can ship with any number of pieces of an optional JS API / Rust API so that webviews can control the system via message passing. In fact, developers can extend the default API with their own functionality and bridge the Webview and Rust-based backend easily.

Tauri apps can have custom menus and have tray-type interfaces. They can be updated, and are managed by the user's operating system as expected. They are very small, because they use the system's webview. They do not ship a runtime, since the final binary is compiled from rust. This makes the reversing of Tauri apps not a trivial task.

This module

This crate opens up direct systems-level interactions specifically for WRY, such as printing, monitor detection, and other windowing related tasks. tauri-runtime implementation for WRY.

To learn more about the details of how all of these pieces fit together, please consult this ARCHITECTURE.md document.


tauri is following Semantic Versioning 2.0.


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