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TAO - Window Creation Library

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Cross-platform application window creation library in Rust that supports all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Built for you, maintained for Tauri.

Cargo Features

TAO provides the following features, which can be enabled in your Cargo.toml file:

  • serde: Enables serialization/deserialization of certain types with Serde.

Platform-specific notes


This library makes use of the ndk-rs crates, refer to that repo for more documentation.

Running on an Android device needs a dynamic system library, add this to Cargo.toml:

name = "request_redraw_threaded"
crate-type = ["cdylib"]

And add this to the example file to add the native activity glue:

#[cfg_attr(target_os = "android", ndk_glue::main(backtrace = "on"))]
fn main() {

And run the application with cargo apk run --example request_redraw_threaded


Gtk and its related libraries are used to build the support of Linux. Be sure to install following packages before building:

Arch Linux / Manjaro:

sudo pacman -S gtk3

Debian / Ubuntu:

sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev


This is a fork of winit which replaces Linux's port to Gtk. In the future, we want to make these features more modular as separate crates. So we can switch back to winit and also benefit the whole community.



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