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A port of i3bar for river

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0.1.2 Jun 1, 2023
0.1.1 Apr 7, 2023
0.1.0 Apr 2, 2023

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This is a port of i3bar for river.

i3bar compatibility

I've tested i3status-rs, bumblebee-status and py3status and everything seems usable.

A list of things that are missing (for now):

  • border[_top|_right|_bottom|_left]
  • Click events lack some info (IDK if anyone actually relies on x, y, width, etc.)
  • Tray icons


Hyprland support

Hyprland/wlr_ext_workspaces support is experimental and is behind hyprland feature flag. Build with -F hyprland to enable it.



AUR: i3bar-river-git

From Source

External dependencies: libpango1.0-dev.

cargo install --locked i3bar-river


Add this to the end of your river init script:

riverctl spawn i3bar-river

The configuration file should be stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/i3bar-river/config.toml or ~/.config/i3bar-river/config.toml.

Example configuration (every parameter is optional):

background = "#282828"
color = "#ffffff"
separator = "#9a8a62"
tag_fg = "#d79921"
tag_bg = "#282828"
tag_focused_fg = "#1d2021"
tag_focused_bg = "#689d68"
tag_urgent_fg = "#282828"
tag_urgent_bg = "#cc241d"
tag_inactive_fg = "#d79921"
tag_inactive_bg = "#282828"
font = "JetBrainsMono Nerd Font 10"
height = 20
margin_top = 0
margin_bottom = 0
margin_left = 0
margin_right = 0
separator_width = 0
tags_r = 6
tags_padding = 25
blocks_r = 6
blocks_overlap = 0
command = "i3status-rs"
position = "top"
hide_inactive_tags = true
invert_touchpad_scrolling = true
show_layout_name = false

How progressive short mode and rounded corners work

Some status bar generators (such as i3status-rs) use more than one "json block" per logical block to implement, for example, buttons.

Short text management and corner rounding are performed on per-logical-block basis.

i3bar-river defines a logical block as a continuous series of "json blocks" with the same name. Also, only the last "json block" is allowed to have a non zero (or absent) separator_block_width, all the other "json blocks" should explicitly set it to zero. If you think this definition is not the best one, feel free to open a new github issue.

blocks_overlap option

Sometimes pango lives a gap between "powerline separators" and the blocks (see https://github.com/greshake/i3status-rust/issues/246#issuecomment-1086753440). In this case, you can set blocks_overlap option to number of pixels you want your blocks to overlap. Usually, 1 is a good choice.

Showcase (with i3status-rs)

Native separators

Native separators demo


font = "JetBrainsMono Nerd Font 10"
height = 20
command = "i3status-rs"


name = "native"
idle_fg = "#ebdbb2"
info_fg = "#458588"
good_fg = "#8ec07c"
warning_fg = "#fabd2f"
critical_fg = "#fb4934"

Powerline separators

Powerline separators demo


font = "JetBrainsMono Nerd Font 10"
height = 20
command = "i3status-rs"


name = "slick"

Rounded corners

Rounded corners demo


font = "JetBrainsMono Nerd Font 10"
height = 20
separator_width = 0
tags_r = 6
blocks_r = 6
command = "i3status-rs"


name = "slick"
separator = "native"
alternating_tint_bg = "none"
alternating_tint_fg = "none"


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