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app hyprland-per-window-layout

Per window keyboard layout (language) for Hyprland wayland compositor

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0.2.9 Mar 22, 2024
0.2.6 Jan 9, 2024
0.2.4 Dec 12, 2023
0.2.3 Nov 14, 2023
0.2.1 Mar 25, 2023

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Hyprland per window layout

No configuration is needed, just add your layouts (if you didn't yet) to the input section of hyprland config file and start this program right after Hyprland.

Written in Rust.

Note: it will not start if you don't have at least 2 keyboard layouts in hyprland.conf

How to use

Install hyprland-per-window-layout from AUR

# e.g.
yay -Sy && yay -S hyprland-per-window-layout


Add this line to your hyprland.conf

exec-once = /usr/bin/hyprland-per-window-layout


Optional, please read configuration.md for more details.

Install from cargo crates

cargo install hyprland-per-window-layout

Add this line to your hyprland.conf

exec-once = ~/.cargo/bin/hyprland-per-window-layout

Install on Gentoo

Activate wayland overlay as described in README, allow ~amd64 keyword and then install it:

# emerge --ask gui-apps/hyprland-per-window-layout

Install from source

Install from source with rustup:

git clone https://github.com/coffebar/hyprland-per-window-layout.git
cd hyprland-per-window-layout

rustup override set stable
rustup update stable

cargo build --release

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin/
cp target/release/hyprland-per-window-layout ~/.local/bin/

Add this line to your hyprland.conf

exec-once = ~/.local/bin/hyprland-per-window-layout


Bug reports and PR are welcome. Thank you for your interest!

Tested on Hyprland v0.34.


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