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app hyprland-autoname-workspaces

This app automatically rename workspaces with icons of started applications

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πŸͺŸ hyprland-autoname-workspaces

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πŸ•ΉοΈThis is a toy for Hyprland.

This app automatically rename workspaces with icons of started applications - tested with waybar and eww.

You have to set the config file with your prefered rules based on class and title. Regex (match and captures) are supported.

FAQ, tips and tricks ❓



AUR πŸ“¦

Available as AUR package under the program name hyprland-autoname-workspaces-git. You can then use the service systemctl --user enable --now hyprland-autoname-workspaces.service.

Nix πŸ“¦

Available in nixpkgs as hyprland-autoname-workspaces. You can add it to your systemPackages or try it without installing it with nix run.

$ nix run nixpkgs#hyprland-autoname-workspaces

Cargo πŸ“¦

$ cargo install --locked hyprland-autoname-workspaces


$ hyprland-autoname-workspaces


First, you have to set your waybar for example, with the good module hyprland/workspaces. The module wlr/workspaces is deprecated. You have to use hyprland/workspaces module with as config "format" = "{name}".

"hyprland/workspaces": {
    "format": "{name}",

For all parameters, check the config.toml.example in this repository.

The config file can be specified using the -c <CONFIG> option, otherwise it defaults to ~/.config/hyprland-autoname-workspaces/config.toml. If you specify a path that doesn't exist, a default configuration file will be generated.

You can use regex everywhere, and its case sensitive by default

Edit the mapping of applications with class = "icon" in the [icons] part.

In icons value, you can use the placeholders {class}, {title} and {match1}, {match2} if you use regex captures.


DEFAULT = "{class}: {title}"
  • You can exclude applications in the [exclude] with class = title.

In the exclude part, the key is the window class, and the value the title. You can use "" in order to exclude window with empty title and ".*" as value to match all title of a class name.


"(?i)fcitx" = ".*" # will match all title for fcitx
"[Ss]team" = "Friends list.*"
"[Ss]team" = "^$" # will match and exclude all Steam class with empty title (some popups)
  • You can match on title with [title_in_class.classname] and [title_in_class_active.class] with "a word in the title" = "icons".

Hint: There is also title_in_initial_class, initial_title_in_class, initial_title_in_initial_class and so on.


"(?i)neomutt" = "mail"
ncdu = "file manager"

youtube = "yt"
google = "gg"

youtube = "<span color='red'>yt</span>"
google = "<span color='blue'>{icon}</span>"

  • You can deduplicate icons with the dedup parameter in the root section of config file.
dedup = true
dedup_inactive_fullscreen = true
"(?i)neomutt" = "mail"
ncdu = "file manager"
  • You can also redefine all the default formatter with those [format] section formatters parameters. The available list of {placeholder} is:


  • client
  • id (or id_long)
  • name (use value from [workspaces_name] mapping)
  • delim


  • icon
  • counter_s, counter_unfocused_s, counter, counter_unfocused
  • class, iitle
  • delim
  • match1, match2, match3, matchN (for regex captures)
dedup = true
dedup_inactive_fullscreen = true
delim = "β€―" # NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE
workspace = "<span color='red'>{id}:</span>{delim}{clients}"
workspace_empty = "<span color='red'>{id}</span>"
client = "{icon}{delim}"
client_active = "<span color="red">{icon}</span>{delim}"
client_dup = "{icon}{counter_sup}{delim}"
client_dup_fullscreen = "[{icon}]{delim}{icon}{counter_unfocused_sup}"
client_fullscreen = "[{icon}]{delim}"

See config.toml.example and the wiki for more example, feel free to share your config !

No need to restart the applications then, there is an autoreload.

Hint: You can use glyphsearch and copy the unicode icon of your font for example https://glyphsearch.com/?query=book&copy=unicode

Hint: You can find hyprland class names for currently running apps using: hyprctl clients | grep -i class, or you can also use hyprland-autoname-workspaces --verbose.

Hint: Feel free to adapt and use this script to generate your config file. This is untested for the moment.

Hint: You can bootstrap your [icons] with the contrib/generate_icons.py script.

Hint: All styling param that you can use with <span> are here: https://docs.gtk.org/Pango/pango_markup.html


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