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This is a ratatui (or tui-rs) widget that displays throbber

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Throbber widget of ratatui

NOTE: This crate was originally created as a widget for tui-rs, so you can see tui:: on the sample code, but (by default) ratatui is used, so please replace it accordingly.

throbber-widgets-tui is a ratatui (or tui-rs) widget that displays throbber.

A throbber may also be called:

  • activity indicator
  • indeterminate progress bar
  • loading icon
  • spinner
  • ぐるぐる(guru guru)


Demo Animation

The demo shown in the gif can be run with all available symbols.

cargo run --example demo --release


  • Render throbber
  • With label
  • Random or specified step, also negative is possible.

Getting Started

MSRV: throbber-widgets-tui requires rustc 1.72.0 or newer.

cargo add throbber-widgets-tui

Default is ratatui as tui.

OR use [tui-rs] instead of [ratatui]. use `tui` features like clicked here.
cargo add throbber-widgets-tui --no-default-features --features tui

Example code:

#[cfg(feature = "ratatui")]
use ratatui as tui;
// :
// :
struct App {
    throbber_state: throbber_widgets_tui::ThrobberState,
impl App {
    fn on_tick(&mut self) {
// :
// :
// If use tui-rs or ratatui v0.23.0 or older, use bellow.
//fn ui<B: tui::backend::Backend>(f: &mut tui::Frame<B>, app: &mut App) {
#[cfg(feature = "ratatui")]
fn ui(f: &mut tui::Frame, app: &mut App) {
    let chunks = tui::layout::Layout::default()

    // Simple random step
    let simple = throbber_widgets_tui::Throbber::default();
    f.render_widget(simple, chunks[0]);

    // Set full with state
    let full = throbber_widgets_tui::Throbber::default()
    f.render_stateful_widget(full, chunks[1], &mut app.throbber_state);

Apps using throbber-widgets-tui

  • mntime: Execute "m" commands "n" times to calculate mean of usage time and memory. As an alternative to "time", "gnu-time" is used internally.

Dependencies (By default)

Direct dependencies crates:

cargo license --direct-deps-only --avoid-build-deps --avoid-dev-deps | awk -F ":" 'BEGIN {printf "|License|crate|\n|-|-|\n"} {printf "|%s|%s|\n", $1, $2}'
License crate
Apache-2.0 OR MIT (1) rand
MIT (2) crossterm, ratatui
Zlib (1) throbber-widgets-tui

Chain dependencies crates:

cargo license --avoid-build-deps --avoid-dev-deps | awk -F ":" 'BEGIN {printf "|License|crate|\n|-|-|\n"} {printf "|%s|%s|\n", $1, $2}'
License crate
(MIT OR Apache-2.0) AND Unicode-DFS-2016 (1) unicode-ident
Apache-2.0 OR Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception OR MIT (1) wasi
Apache-2.0 OR BSD-2-Clause OR MIT (2) zerocopy, zerocopy-derive
Apache-2.0 OR BSL-1.0 (1) ryu
Apache-2.0 OR MIT (49) ahash, allocator-api2, bitflags, bitflags, cassowary, cfg-if, either, getrandom, hashbrown, heck, indoc, itertools, itoa, libc, lock_api, log, once_cell, parking_lot, parking_lot_core, paste, ppv-lite86, proc-macro2, quote, rand, rand_chacha, rand_core, rustversion, scopeguard, signal-hook, signal-hook-mio, signal-hook-registry, smallvec, static_assertions, syn, syn, unicode-segmentation, unicode-width, winapi, winapi-i686-pc-windows-gnu, winapi-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu, windows-sys, windows-targets, windows_aarch64_gnullvm, windows_aarch64_msvc, windows_i686_gnu, windows_i686_msvc, windows_x86_64_gnu, windows_x86_64_gnullvm, windows_x86_64_msvc
MIT (11) castaway, compact_str, crossterm, crossterm_winapi, lru, mio, ratatui, redox_syscall, stability, strum, strum_macros
Zlib (1) throbber-widgets-tui


This repository's license is zlib. Please feel free to use this, but no warranty.


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