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License: MIT Dev | Website | Contributing | Dev Setup | Whitepaper | Run A Node | Security Procedures

Redgold or "philosophical gold", is intended as an ideological opposite of BlackRock. It is a decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer platform designed to act as a financial data and computation layer for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The primary product intention is focused around ETFs & Portfolio target models, and finance, but the platform is designed to be general purpose as a decentralized data lake and SQL compute engine.

It is inspired heavily by Spark and pandas like data transformations on conventional parquet data lakes, with the key distinguishing factor being the ability to support multi-tenant compute with arbitrary secure UDFs compiled by anyone. WASM executors are used for secure remote code execution to chain together transforms operating on SQL-like data loading functions as inputs. Protobuf is used for relational algebra descriptors and for raw signature operations. Arrow is used as a cross-memory format for WASM invocations, with sqlite tables for frequent access and parquet tables for long-lived data indexes. All operations are translated to work with Kademlia distances. ACCEPT consensus protocol is the most similar to the demonstrated primary optimization technique. For a full technical description and motivation of this project please refer above to the whitepaper.

  • This project is in experimental development and is not a production release / not yet on mainnet


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