Cargo Features

Nix has no features set by default.

nix = { version = "0.27.1", features = ["acct", "aio", "dir", "event", "feature", "fs", "inotify", "ioctl", "mman", "mount", "mqueue", "net", "pthread", "ptrace", "quota", "process", "resource", "sched", "signal", "socket", "time", "ucontext", "uio", "user", "zerocopy"] }
aio = pin-utils
dir = fs
env event
feature user?
fs dir? mqueue? zerocopy?

Affects fcntl::fallocate

hostname inotify

Affects sys::ioctl

kmod mman
mount = uio
mqueue = fs
net = socket

Affects addr::SockaddrIn, addr::SockaddrIn6

personality poll pthread
ptrace = process
process ptrace? sched? signal?

Affects time::clock_getcpuclockid

reboot resource
sched = process
signal ucontext? = process
socket net? = memoffset
term time
ucontext = signal
uio mount? zerocopy?
user = feature
zerocopy = fs, uio

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

pin-utils aio?
memoffset socket?