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A Rust library to generate publication-quality figures

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A Rust library to generate publication-quality figures. This crate is a PGFPlots code generator, and provides utilities to create, customize, and compile high-quality plots.


Add the following to your Cargo.toml file:

pgfplots = { version = "0.4", features = ["inclusive"] }

Plotting a quadratic function is as simple as:

use pgfplots::axis::plot::Plot2D;

let mut plot = Plot2D::new();
plot.coordinates = (-100..100)
    .map(|i| (f64::from(i), f64::from(i*i)).into())



A more extensive list of examples and their source code is available in the examples/ directory (runnable with cargo run --all-features --example example_name).

[code] [code] [code]


  • Inclusive: Allow users to process the LaTeX code that generates figures without relying on any externally installed software, configuration, or resource files. This is achieved by including the tectonic crate as a dependency.

    If you already have a LaTeX distribution installed in your system, it is recommended not to use this feature and process the LaTeX code directly; this will significantly reduce compilation and processing times. Plotting a quadratic function is still very simple:

     use pgfplots::axis::plot::Plot2D;
     use std::process::{Command, Stdio};
     let mut plot = Plot2D::new();
     plot.coordinates = (-100..100)
     	.map(|i| (f64::from(i), f64::from(i*i)).into())
     let argument = plot.standalone_string().replace('\n', "").replace('\t', "");

Want to contribute?

There are multiple ways to contribute:

  • Install and test PGFPlots. If it doesn't work as expected please open an issue.
  • Comment/propose a fix on some of the current open issues.
  • Read through the documentation. If there is something confusing, or you have a suggestion for something that could be improved, please let the maintainer(s) know.
  • Help evaluate open pull requests, by testing locally and reviewing what is proposed.


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