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A modernized, complete, embeddable TeX/LaTeX engine. Tectonic is forked from the XeTeX extension to the classic “Web2C” implementation of TeX and uses the TeXLive distribution of support files.

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0.1.3 Mar 16, 2017

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The Tectonic Typesetting System

The tectonic crate delivers a modernized, complete, self-contained TeX/LaTeX engine, powered by XeTeX and TeXLive. It provides a CLI and ties together the functionality of a large collection of sub-crates.

Building Tectonic

The Tectonic crates collectively depend on a relatively large number of third-party libraries. See the Book’s build instructions for a listing and guidance on setting up the build.

The crate build can be customized with the following Cargo features:

  • external-harfbuzz: build against an external version of the Harfbuzz text shaping library, rather than a vendored version (the default)
  • geturl-curl: use the curl crate to implement HTTP requests. In order for this to take effect, you must use --no-default-features because geturl-reqwest is a default feature and it takes precedence
  • geturl-reqwest: use the reqwest crate to implement HTTP requests (enabled by default)
  • native-tls-vendored: if using reqwest, activate the vendored option in the native-tls crate, causing OpenSSL to be vendored

The Book describes some less-used features and provides a bit more detail.


The main tectonic crate ties together the functionality of a number of sub-crates:


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