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The tectonic_bridge_icu crate

This crate is part of the Tectonic project. It exposes the C API of the ICU4C Unicode library the Rust/Cargo build framework, with no Rust bindings.

There are a variety of other low-level ICU-related crates available, with rust_icu perhaps taking the most systematic approach. This package is distinctive because:

  • It uses Tectonic’s dependency-finding framework, which supports both pkg-config and vcpkg.
  • It ensures the ICU C API is exposed to Cargo.
  • Because it does not need to provide Rust bindings, it avoids a good deal of grief relating to bindgen, symbol versioning, etc.

Ideally, though, one day this crate will be superseded by a true Rust “sys crate”.

If your project depends on this crate, Cargo will export for your build script an environment variable named DEP_ICUUC_INCLUDE_PATH, which will be a semicolon-separated list of C include directories enabling your code to include the unicode/* headers.

You will need to ensure that your Rust code actually references this crate in order for the linker to include linked libraries. A use statement will suffice:

use tectonic_bridge_icu;

Cargo features

At the moment this crate does not provide any Cargo features.