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Giant Magellan Telescope primary mirror control system

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0.1.1 Feb 1, 2023
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Contains (Zip file, 90KB) m1-simulink-models/M1DCS_2_rust.slx, (Zip file, 83KB) M1DCS_2_rustR2018b.slx

Giant Magellan Telescope primary mirror control system

This repository provides Rust code for the GMT primary mirror (M1) controller model for end-to-end simulations.

The transfer function of the support actuator (SA) feedback controller and those representing the closed-loop dynamics of the hardpoint (HP) motions are compiled from high-level (Matlab/Simulink) model files. Those files are available in the m1-simulink-models folder.

The model has some structural model-dependent parameters. The folder calib_dt has a data file with those parameters computed assuming the model 20220610_1023_MT_mount_zen_30_m1HFN_FSM_.


M1 control system


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