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Giant Magellan Telescope Finite Element Model

The crate is a Rust API for the GMT second order finite element model (FEM).

The FEM is loaded from a zip file which name must be modal_state_space_model_2ndOrder.zip and the location of the zip file is given by the environment variable FEM_REPO.

The FEM inputs and outputs are dynamically created during compilation from importing input and output tables contained within the zip archive. This means that each time an application needs a new model, the gmt-fem crate need to be recompiled using the modal_state_space_model_2ndOrder.zip archive corresponding to the new model. To force a re-compilation of the gmt-crate, the gmt-crate library need to be deleted from Rust Cargo cache like this:

cargo clean --release -p gmt-fem

A summary of the properties of a GMT FEM can be obtained by running the Cargo subcommand

cargo gmt-fem

The subcommand is installed with

cargo install -f --features clap gmt-fem


cargo gmt-fem --help

to see the arguments to apply a custom model reduction.

For the reasons explained above, the subcommand need to be re-installed each time it is applied to a new model.

The zip archive modal_state_space_model_2ndOrder.zip is generated with the Matlab script unwrapFEM.m available in the tools directory. The script uses the Matlab files modal_state_space_model_2ndOrder.mat and, if present, static_reduction_model.mat to build modal_state_space_model_2ndOrder.zip.


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