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A client for the GMT FEM crate gmt-fem.


This module is used to build the state space model of the telescope structure

A state space model is represented by the structure [DiscreteModalSolver] that is created using the builder DiscreteStateSpace. The transformation of the FEM continuous 2nd order differential equation into a discrete state space model is performed by the [Exponential] structure (for the details of the transformation see the exponential module ).


The following example loads a FEM model and converts it into a state space model setting the sampling rate and the damping coefficients and truncating the eigen frequencies. A single input and a single output are selected.

use gmt_fem::{FEM,
              dos::{DiscreteStateSpace, DiscreteModalSolver, Exponential},
              fem_io::{OSSM1Lcl6F, OSSM1Lcl}};

    let sampling_rate = 1e3; // Hz
    let fem = FEM::from_env()?;
    let mut fem_ss: DiscreteModalSolver<Exponential> = DiscreteStateSpace::from(fem)
        .proportional_damping(2. / 100.)
        .max_eigen_frequency(75.0) // Hz


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