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Embassy RP HAL

HALs implement safe, idiomatic Rust APIs to use the hardware capabilities, so raw register manipulation is not needed.

The embassy-rp HAL targets the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller. The HAL implements both blocking and async APIs for many peripherals. The benefit of using the async APIs is that the HAL takes care of waiting for peripherals to complete operations in low power mode and handling interrupts, so that applications can focus on more important matters.

embassy-time time driver

If the time-driver feature is enabled, the HAL uses the TIMER peripheral as a global time driver for embassy-time, with a tick rate of 1MHz.


The embassy-rp HAL implements the traits from embedded-hal (v0.2 and 1.0) and embedded-hal-async, as well as embedded-io and embedded-io-async.


This crate can run on any executor.

Optionally, some features requiring embassy-time can be activated with the time feature. If you enable it, you must link an embassy-time driver in your project.


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