Cargo Features

embassy-hal-internal has no features set by default.

embassy-hal-internal = { version = "0.1.0", features = ["prio-bits-0", "prio-bits-3", "prio-bits-6", "prio-bits-8", "cortex-m", "defmt", "log"] }

Define the number of NVIC priority bits.

Affects interrupt::Priority

prio-bits-1 prio-bits-2 prio-bits-3

Affects interrupt::Priority

prio-bits-4 prio-bits-5 prio-bits-6

Affects interrupt::Priority

prio-bits-7 prio-bits-8

Affects interrupt::Priority


Enables cortex-m and critical-section

Affects embassy-hal-internal::interrupt

Features from optional dependencies

defmt implicit feature
log implicit feature

Enables log


A lightweight logging facade for Rust