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A set of fast and robust command line utilities for bioinformatics tasks based on Rust-Bio

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A set of ultra fast and robust command line utilities for bioinformatics tasks based on Rust-Bio. Rust-Bio-Tools provides a command rbt, which currently supports the following operations:

  • a linear time implementation for fuzzy matching of two vcf/bcf files (rbt vcf-match)
  • a vcf/bcf to txt converter, that flexibly allows to select tags and properly handles multiallelic sites (rbt vcf-to-txt)
  • a linear time round-robin FASTQ splitter that splits a given FASTQ files into a given number of chunks (rbt fastq-split)
  • a linear time extraction of depth information from BAMs at given loci (rbt bam-depth)
  • a utility to quickly filter records from a FASTQ file (rbt fastq-filter)
  • a tool to merge BAM or FASTQ reads using marked duplicates respectively unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) (rbt collapse-reads-to-fragments bam|fastq)
  • a tool to generate interactive HTML based reports that offer multiple plots visualizing the provided genomics data in VCF and BAM format (rbt vcf-report)

Further functionality is added as it is needed by the authors. Any contributions are highly welcome. For a list of changes, take a look at the CHANGELOG.



Rust-Bio-Tools is available via Bioconda. With Bioconda set up, installation is as easy as

conda install rust-bio-tools


If the Rust compiler and associated Cargo are installed, Rust-Bio-Tools may be installed via

cargo install rust-bio-tools


Download the source code and within the root directory of source run

cargo install

Usage and Documentation

Rust-Bio-Tools installs a command line utility rbt. Issue

rbt --help

for a summary of all options and tools.



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