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RTLola Interpreter

Copyright (C) Universität des Saarlandes 2020. Authors: Florian Kohn, Malte Schledjewski, Maximilian Schwenger, Marvin Stenger, and Leander Tentrup.

RTLola is a monitoring framework. It consist of a parser, analyzer, and interpreter for the RTLola specification language.

Installation Notes

If you want to use the network interface, the provided binaries require a PCAP library to be installed. If it is not already installed on your system you can do so as follows:


You can download and install the library from here: NPcap


Use the packet manager of your choice to install the libpcap-dev package. For example using apt:

apt install libpcap-dev

Mac OS

The PCAP library is already be included in Mac OS X.

Command Line Usage

Specification Analysis

rtlola-interpreter analyze [SPEC]

checks whether the given specification is valid


rtlola-interpreter monitor [SPEC] --offline --csv-in [TRACE] --verbosity progress

For example, given the specification

input a: Int64
input b: Int64

output x := a + b
trigger x > 2

in file example.spec and the CSV


in file example.csv we get

rtlola-interpreter monitor example.spec --offline --csv-in example.csv 
Trigger: x > 2
Trigger: x > 2

See all available options with rtlola-interpreter --help


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