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RTLola High-level Intermediate Representation

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RTLola is a stream-based runtime verification framework. It parses an RTLola specification, analyses it, and generates executable monitors for it. The framework is separated into a front-end and several back-ends.

This crate is part of the RTLola front-end, which includes several sub-modules:


Copyright (C) CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security 2021-2023. Authors: Jan Baumeister, Florian Kohn, Stefan Oswald, Maximilian Schwenger. Based on original work at Universität des Saarlandes (C) 2020. Authors: Jan Baumeister, Florian Kohn, Malte Schledjewski, Maximilian Schwenger, Marvin Stenger, and Leander Tentrup.


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