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deprecated rtlola-input-plugins

Input plugins to be used in the various frontends of the interpreter; This crate is deprecated use the rtlola-io-plugins crate instead

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Deprecation Warning

This crate is now deprecated. Use the rtlola-io-plugins crate instead.

RTLola Interpreter Input Plugins

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RTLola is a runtime monitoring framework. It consists of a parser, analyzer, and interpreter for the RTLola specification language. This crate contains a CLI interface to the interpreter capable of reading csv and pcap files.

For more information on the RTLola framework make sure to visit our Website: rtlola.org

Input Plugins

This crate contains multiple input plugins to be used with the rtlola-interpreter. Right now, it supports CSV and PCAP files. Each plugin (or input method) is marked with a feature flag, so only the needed input variants can be included. By default, all input plugins are included.


Copyright (C) CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security 2024. Authors: Jan Baumeister, Florian Kohn, Stefan Oswald, Maximilian Schwenger. Based on original work at Universität des Saarlandes (C) 2020. Authors: Jan Baumeister, Florian Kohn, Malte Schledjewski, Maximilian Schwenger, Marvin Stenger, and Leander Tentrup.


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