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A modern alternative to the watch command, records the differences in execution results and can check this differences at after

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0.3.10 Apr 15, 2023
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0.3.7 Jun 27, 2022
0.3.4 May 3, 2022
0.1.6 Oct 31, 2021

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hwatch - alternative watch command.


hwatch is a alternative watch command. That records the result of command execution and can display it history and diffs.


  • Can keep the history when the difference, occurs and check it later.
  • Can check the difference in the history. The display method can be changed in real time.
  • Can output the execution result as log (json format).
  • Support ANSI color code.
  • Execution result can be scroll.


macOS (brew)

brew install hwatch

macOS (MacPorts)

sudo port install hwatch

Arch Linux (AUR)

paru -S hwatch

Cargo Install

cargo install hwatch


    hwatch 0.3.10
    blacknon <blacknon@orebibou.com>
    A modern alternative to the watch command, records the differences in execution results and can
    check this differences at after.

        hwatch [OPTIONS] <command>...


        -B, --beep
                beep if command has a change result

                enable mouse wheel support. With this option, copying text with your terminal may be
                harder. Try holding the Shift key.

            --tab_size <tab_size>
                Specifying tab display size [default: 4]

        -A, --aftercommand <after_command>
                Executes the specified command if the output changes. Information about changes is
                stored in json format in environment variable ${HWATCH_DATA}.

        -c, --color
                interpret ANSI color and style sequences

        -d, --differences
                highlight changes between updates

        -t, --no-title
                hide the UI on start. Use `t` to toggle it.

        -N, --line-number
                show line number

                hide the "Display help with h key" message

        -x, --exec
                Run the command directly, not through the shell. Much like the `-x` option of the watch

        -l, --logfile <logfile>
                logging file

        -s, --shell <shell_command>
                shell to use at runtime. can  also insert the command to the location specified by
                {COMMAND}. [default: "sh -c"]

        -n, --interval <interval>
                seconds to wait between updates [default: 2]

        -h, --help
                Print help information

        -V, --version
                Print version information

watch window keybind

Key Action
, move selected screen(history/watch).
select watch screen.
select history screen.
H show help window.
C toggle color.
D switch diff mode.
N switch line number display.
T toggle the UI (history pane and header).
Backspace toggle the history pane.
Q exit hwatch.
0 disable diff.
1 switch watch type diff.
2 switch line type diff.
3 switch word type diff.
O switch output mode(output->stdout->stderr).
Shift+O show only lines with differences(line/word diff mode only).
F1 only stdout print.
F2 only stderr print.
F3 print output.
+ increase interval.
- decrease interval.
Tab toggle select screen(history/watch).
/ filter history by string.
* filter history by regex.
Esc unfiltering.


If you always want to use some command-line options, you can set them in the HWATCH environment variable. For example, if you use bash, you can add the following to your .bashrc:

export HWATCH="--no-title --color --no-help-banner"


interval 10 second

Use the -n option to specify the command execution interval.

hwatch -n 3 command...

logging output

The command execution result can be output as a log in json format.

hwatch -n 3 -l hwatch_log.json command...

When you check the json log, you can easily check it by using this script.

Use shell function

If you want the shell function to be executed periodically, you can specify the shell command to be executed with -s as follows.

# bash
hwatch -n 3 -s 'bash -c "source ~/.bashrc"; {COMMAND}' command...

# zsh
hwatch -n 3 -s 'zsh -c "source ~/.zshrc"; {COMMAND}' command...

ANSI Color code

If you want to see output colored with ANSI color code, enable color mode.

To enable color mode, run hwatch with the -c option. Alternatively, you can enable / disable the color mode with the C key during execution.

hwatch -n 3 -c command...

diff view

To enable color mode, run hwatch with the -d option.

There are several "diff modes" available. Switching can be done with the D key.

hwatch -n 3 -d command...

watch diff

line diff

word diff

history filtering

You can filter history as a string with / key and as a regular expression with * key.


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