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A Terminal UI to browse Hacker News

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0.10.1 May 22, 2022
0.3.1 Mar 30, 2021

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MIT license



hackernews_tui is a fast and customizable application for browsing Hacker News on the terminal.

hackernews_tui is written in Rust with the help of Cursive TUI library. It uses HN Algolia APIs and HN Official APIs to get Hacker News data.

Table of Contents



Application's prebuilt binaries can be found in the Releases Page.

Using cargo

Install the latest version from crates.io by running cargo install hackernews_tui.

Docker image

You can download the binary image of the latest build from the master branch by running

docker pull aome510/hackernews_tui:latest

then run

docker run -it aome510/hackernews_tui:latest

to run the application. You can also use your local configuration file when running the image by running

docker run --rm -v ${CONFIG_FILE_PATH}:/app/hn-tui.toml -it aome510/hackernews_tui:latest

with ${CONFIG_FILE_PATH} is the path to the local configuration file.

Building from source


git clone https://github.com/aome510/hackernews-TUI.git
cd hackernews-TUI
cargo build --release

to build the application, then run


to run the application, or

ln -sf $PWD/target/release/hackernews_tui /usr/local/bin

to link the executable binary to /usr/local/bin folder.


Via MacPorts

Run sudo port install hackernews-tui to install the application.

Arch Linux

Run yay -S hackernews_tui to install the application as an AUR package.


Using the package manager

pkgin install hackernews-tui

Building from source

cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/hackernews-tui
make install



Demo videos of hackernews_tui v0.9.0 are available on youtube and asciinema


Story View

Example of a Story View

Article View

Example of an Article View

Search View

Example of a Search View

Comment View

Example of a Comment View

Default Shortcuts

In each View, press ? to see a list of supported keyboard shortcuts and their functionalities.

Example of a Help View

The below sections will list the application's default shortcuts, which can be customized by changing the key mappings in the user's config file.

For more information about configuring the application's key mappings or defining custom shortcuts, please refer to the config documentation.

Global shortcuts

Command Description Default Shortcut
open_help_dialog Open the help dialog ?
close_dialog Close a dialog esc
quit Quit the application [q, C-c]
goto_previous_view Go to the previous view [backspace, C-p]
goto_search_view Go to search view [/, C-s]
goto_front_page_view Go to front page view F1
goto_all_stories_view Go to all stories view F2
goto_ask_hn_view Go to ask HN view F3
goto_show_hn_view Go to show HN view F4
goto_jobs_view Go to jobs view F5

Edit shortcuts

Command Description Default Shortcut
move_cursor_left Move cursor to left [left, C-b]
move_cursor_right Move cursor to right [right, C-f]
move_cursor_to_begin Move cursor to the begin of line [home, C-a]
move_cursor_to_end Move cursor to the end of line [end, C-e]
backward_delete_char Delete backward a character backspace

Scrolling shortcuts

Command Description Default Shortcut
up Scroll up [k, up]
down Scroll down [j, down]
page_down Scroll up half a page [d, page_down]
page_up Scroll down half a page [u, page_up]
top Scroll to top [g, home]
bottom Scroll to bottom [G, end]

Shortcuts for each View

Story View shortcuts

Command Description Default Shortcut
next_story Focus the next story j
prev_story Focus the previous story k
next_story_tag Go to the next story tag l
previous_story_tag Go to the previous story tag h
goto_story Focus the {story_id}-th story {story_id} g
goto_story_comment_view Go the comment view associated with the focused story enter
open_article_in_browser Open in browser the focused story's article o
open_article_in_article_view Open in article view the focused story's article O
open_story_in_browser Open in browser the focused story s
next_page Go to the next page n
prev_page Go the previous page p
cycle_sort_mode Cycle story sort mode d

Article View shortcuts

Command Description Default Shortcut
open_article_in_browser Open article in browser a
open_link_in_browser Open in browser {link_id}-th link {link_id} o
open_link_in_article_view Open in article view {link_id}-th link {link_id} O
open_link_dialog Open link dialog l
Command Description Default Shortcut
next Focus next link [j, down]
prev Focus previous link [k, up]
open_link_in_browser Open in browser the focused link [o, enter]
open_link_in_article_view Open in article view the focused link O

Comment View shortcuts

Command Description Default Shortcut
next_comment Focus the next comment j
prev_comment Focus the previous comment k
next_leq_level_comment Focus the next comment with smaller or equal level l
prev_leq_level_comment Focus the previous comment with smaller or equal level h
next_top_level_comment Focus the next top level comment n
prev_top_level_comment Focus the previous top level comment p
parent_comment Focus the parent comment (if exists) u
toggle_collapse_comment Toggle collapsing the focused item tab
vote Toggle voting the focused item (requires authentication) v
open_article_in_browser Open in browser the discussed article a
open_article_in_article_view Open in article view the discussed article A
open_story_in_browser Open in browser the discussed story s
open_comment_in_browser Open in browser the focused comment c
open_link_in_browser Open in browser the {link_id}-th link in the focused comment {link_id} o
open_link_in_article_view Open in article view the {link_id}-th link in the focused comment {link_id} O

Search View shortcuts

In SearchView, there are two modes: Navigation and Search. The default mode is Search.

Search mode is similar to Vim's insert mode, in which users can input a query string.

Navigation mode allows the SearchView to behave like a StoryView of matched stories.

SearchView-specific key shortcuts:

Command Description Default Shortcut
to_search_mode Enter Search mode from Navigation mode i
to_navigation_mode Enter Navigation mode from Search mode <esc>


By default, hackernews-tui will look for the hn-tui.toml user-defined config file inside

If not found such file, the application will fall back to use a set of default configurations.

User can also specify the path to config file when running the application with -c or --config option.

hackernews_tui -c ~/.config/hn-tui.toml

For further information about the application's configurations, please refer to the example config file and the config documentation.


Users can authenticate their account by specifying username and password inside the hn-auth.toml file:


By default, the authentication file should be inside the same folder as the the general configuration file (hn-tui.toml), which can be configured by specifying the -a or --auth option.


hackernews-tui uses RUST_LOG environment variable to define the application's logging level (default to be INFO).

By default, the application creates the hn-tui.log log file inside the user's cache directory, which can be configured by specifying the -l or --log option.


  • make all commands customizable
  • add a View to read the linked story in reader mode on the terminal. A list of possible suggestion can be found here
  • add commands to navigate parent comments and collapse a comment
  • make all the configuration options optional
  • integrate HackerNews Official APIs for real-time updating, lazy-loading comments, and sorting stories
    • lazy-loading comments
    • front-page stories like the official site
    • real-time updating
  • implement smarter lazy-loading comment functionality
  • add crediential support to allow
    • authentication
    • upvote/downvote
    • add comment
    • post
  • improve application's UI
    • improve the application's overall look
    • include useful font-highliting
    • rewrite the theme parser to support more themes and allow to parse themes from known colorschemes
    • add some extra transition effects
  • improve the keybinding handler
    • allow to bind multiple keys to a single command
    • add prefix key support (emacs-like key chaining - C-x C-c ...)


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