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Prefix a noun with an indefinite article - a or an - based on whether it begins with a vowel

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0.1.6 Jan 2, 2023
0.1.5 Dec 22, 2022

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This crate is a port of the JavaScript library indefinite, thanks to the original authors of this library!

Prefix a noun with an indefinite article - a or an - based on whether it begins with a vowel.


cargo add indefinite


use indefinite::*;

fn main () {
    assert_eq!(indefinite("honor"), "an honor");
    assert_eq!(indefinite("ouija board"), "a ouija board");

    assert_eq!(indefinite_capitalized("apple"), "An apple");
    assert_eq!(indefinite_capitalized("banana"), "A banana");    

    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only("apple"), "an");
    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only("pear"), "a");

    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only_capitalized("apple"), "An");
    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only_capitalized("pear"), "A");  


Macros are available as a feature. They are working the same as the functions, except they also accept a list of inputs.

indefinite = { version = "0.1", features = [ "macros" ] }
use indefinite::*;

fn main () {
    assert_eq!(indefinite!("honor"), "an honor");
    assert_eq!(indefinite!("honor", "euro"), ["an honor", "a euro"]);

    assert_eq!(indefinite_capitalized!("apple"), "An apple");
    assert_eq!(indefinite_capitalized!("banana", "pear"), ["A banana", "A pear"]); 

    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only!("apple"), "an");
    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only!("apple","pear"), ["an", "a"]);

    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only_capitalized!("apple"), "An");
    assert_eq!(indefinite_article_only_capitalized!("apple", "pear"), ["An", "A"]);


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