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Native Rust implementation of the Matter (Smart-Home) ecosystem

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0.1.0 Jul 28, 2023

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rs-matter: The Rust Implementation of Matter Library

This is the actual rs-matter library crate. See the main README file for more information.


Native Rust Implementation of Matter (Smart-Home)

This crate implements the Matter specification that can be run on embedded devices to build Matter-compatible smart-home/IoT devices.

Currently Ethernet based transport is supported.


TODO: Fix once new API has stabilized a bit use rs_matter::{Matter, CommissioningData}; use rs_matter::data_model::device_types::device_type_add_on_off_light; use rs_matter::data_model::cluster_basic_information::BasicInfoConfig; use rs_matter::secure_channel::spake2p::VerifierData;

use rs_matter::data_model::sdm::dev_att::{DataType, DevAttDataFetcher};

use rs_matter::error::Error;

pub struct DevAtt{}

impl DevAttDataFetcher for DevAtt{

fn get_devatt_data(&self, data_type: DataType, data: &mut [u8]) -> Result<usize, Error> { Ok(0) }


let dev_att = Box::new(DevAtt{});

/// The commissioning data for this device let comm_data = CommissioningData { verifier: VerifierData::new_with_pw(123456), discriminator: 250, };

/// The basic information about this device let dev_info = BasicInfoConfig { vid: 0x8000, pid: 0xFFF1, hw_ver: 2, sw_ver: 1, sw_ver_str: "1".to_string(), serial_no: "aabbcc".to_string(), device_name: "OnOff Light".to_string(), };

/// Get the Matter Object /// The dev_att is an object that implements the DevAttDataFetcher trait. let mut matter = Matter::new(dev_info, dev_att, comm_data).unwrap(); let dm = matter.get_data_model(); { let mut node = dm.node.write().unwrap(); /// Add our device-types let endpoint = device_type_add_on_off_light(&mut node).unwrap(); } // Start the Matter Daemon // matter.start_daemon().unwrap();

Start off exploring by going to the [Matter] object.


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