Cargo Features

Log has no features set by default.

log = { version = "0.4.20", features = ["std", "max_level_warn", "max_level_trace", "release_max_level_error", "release_max_level_info", "release_max_level_trace", "kv_unstable", "kv_unstable_sval", "kv_unstable_std", "kv_unstable_serde"] }
std kv_unstable_std?

Affects log::set_boxed_logger

max_level_off max_level_error max_level_warn
max_level_info max_level_debug max_level_trace
release_max_level_off release_max_level_error
release_max_level_warn release_max_level_info
release_max_level_debug release_max_level_trace
kv_unstable kv_unstable_std? kv_unstable_sval? = value-bag

requires the latest stable
this will have a tighter MSRV before stabilization

Affects __private_api::log, log::kv

kv_unstable_sval = kv_unstable, sval, sval_ref

Enables sval of value-bag

kv_unstable_std kv_unstable_serde? = kv_unstable, std

Enables error of value-bag

Affects value::Visit.visit_error, value::Visit.visit_borrowed_error

kv_unstable_serde = kv_unstable_std, serde

Enables serde of value-bag

Affects source::as_map, source::as_list

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

serde kv_unstable_serde?
sval kv_unstable_sval?
sval_ref kv_unstable_sval?
value-bag kv_unstable?