Cargo Features

domain = { version = "0.10.1", default-features = false, features = ["std", "bytes", "heapless", "resolv", "resolv-sync", "serde", "sign", "smallvec", "net", "tsig", "validate", "zonefile", "unstable-client-transport", "unstable-server-transport", "unstable-stelline", "unstable-zonetree", "proc-macro2", "siphasher", "tokio-rustls"] }
default = rand, std

These default features are set whenever domain is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

std default net? sign? validate? zonefile?

Enables std of optional bytes, octseq, and time

Affects message_builder::TreeCompressor, traits::ToName.to_cow, traits::ToName.to_vec, traits::ToRelativeName.to_cow, traits::ToRelativeName.to_vec, wire::parse_slice, wire::compose_vec, base16::decode_vec, base16::encode_string, base32::encode_string_hex, base64::encode_string

bytes net? tsig? zonefile?

Enables bytes, bytes of octseq

Affects traits::ToName.to_bytes, traits::ToRelativeName.to_bytes


Enables heapless, heapless of octseq

resolv resolv-sync? = net, smallvec, unstable-client-transport
resolv-sync = resolv

Enables rt of tokio


Includes basic task execution capabilities

serde unstable-zonetree? zonefile?

Enables serde, serde of octseq

Affects charstr::DeserializeCharStrSeed, base16::serde, base32::serde, base64::serde

sign = std
smallvec resolv? tsig?

Enables smallvec, smallvec of octseq

net resolv? unstable-client-transport? unstable-server-transport? = bytes, futures-util, rand, std, tokio
tsig = bytes, ring, smallvec
validate = ring, std
zonefile unstable-stelline? = bytes, serde, std
unstable-client-transport resolv? = moka, net, tracing

Unstable features

unstable-server-transport unstable-stelline? = arc-swap, libc, net, tracing

Enables clock of chrono

0.4.35 deprecates Duration::seconds()

unstable-stelline = tracing, tracing-subscriber, unstable-server-transport, zonefile

Enables test-util of tokio

unstable-zonetree = futures, parking_lot, serde, tokio, tracing

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

rand default net?
arc-swap unstable-server-transport?
chrono unstable-server-transport?
futures unstable-zonetree?

Enables futures

Force futures to at least 0.3.22 for minimal-version build

futures-util net?
libc unstable-server-transport?

Enables libc

0.2.79 is the first version that has IP_PMTUDISC_OMIT

parking_lot unstable-zonetree?
moka unstable-client-transport?
proc-macro2 implicit feature

Enables proc-macro2

Force proc-macro2 to at least 1.0.69 for minimal-version build

ring tsig? validate?
siphasher implicit feature

Enables siphasher


SipHash-2-4, SipHash-1-3 and 128-bit variants in pure Rust

Affects processors::cookies

tokio net? resolv-sync? unstable-stelline? unstable-zonetree?
tokio-rustls implicit feature

Enables tokio-rustls


Asynchronous TLS/SSL streams for Tokio using Rustls

Affects protocol::TlsConnect

tracing unstable-client-transport? unstable-server-transport? unstable-stelline? unstable-zonetree?
tracing-subscriber unstable-stelline?