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A tool for generating source code from ROS message definitions

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0.9.0 May 13, 2024

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A CLI application and library for generating ROS C++ headers using roslibrust_codegen as the backend.

Running the command line application:

roslibrust$ mkdir -p /tmp/sensor_msgs && \ 
cargo run --bin gencpp -- \
--msg assets/ros1_common_interfaces/common_msgs/sensor_msgs/msg/BatteryState.msg \
--package sensor_msgs \
-I std_msgs:assets/ros1_common_interfaces/std_msgs \
-I geometry_msgs:assets/ros1_common_interfaces/common_msgs/geometry_msgs \
-I sensor_msgs:assets/ros1_common_interfaces/common_msgs/sensor_msgs \
--output /tmp/sensor_msgs

Key Differences with the official CLI

  • The include paths must be to the top-level of the message package directory as roslibrust_codegen uses this to determine the ROS version.
  • The output is to a path instead of a file. Filenames are assumed based on message or service file name.
  • The include paths must include the package that the input message comes from as roslibrust_codegen does not currently expose an API for parsing a message given a message file path. Consequently, you'll want to include any dependencies of other messages in the package so that roslibrust_codegen can solve the dependency graph.


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