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Rio terminal is a hardware-accelerated GPU terminal emulator, focusing to run in desktops and browsers

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Rio terminal

tl;dr: Rio is a terminal built to run everywhere, as a native desktop applications by Rust or even in the browser powered by WebAssembly.

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Packaging status


Name Details
MacOs as desktop application Installation guide
Linux as desktop application Installation guide
Windows as desktop application Installation guide
Web Browser (WebAssembly) (Sugarloaf is ready but Rio still need to be ported)
Nintendo Switch * (development hasn't started)

* Nintendo Switch development is just for fun, the goal is to have the renderer working and the basic features of a terminal.

Demo rio Demo tmux
Demo linux x11 Demo linux wayland
Demo Windows 10 Demo emacs
Demo native tabs macos Demo error handling

Note: Emojis are rendered with Noto Emoji.


Rio is built over a custom renderer called Sugarloaf, which is responsible for font and style rendering. Sugarloaf demo:

Demo sugarloaf 1 Demo Sugarloaf wasm
Demo sugarloaf 3 Demo sugarloaf 4
Demo sugarloaf 5 Demo sugarloaf 6


Documentation: https://raphamorim.io/rio

If you are using or want to help in any way please consider to donate via Github Sponsors.

Rio would not be possible without few acknowledgements and specially Alacritty, since a lot of Rio functionalities (e.g: ANSI parser, events, grid system) was originally written (and still uses a good amount) of Alacritty code.

Supporting the Project

If you use and like Rio, please consider sponsoring it: your support helps to cover the fees required to maintain the project and to validate the time spent working on it!



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