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perplex_num is a Rust crate that provides an implementation of perplex numbers, based on the numerical abstractions of the num_traits crate. This library supports various mathematical functions such as pow, sqrt, exp, ln, sinh, sin, cosh, and tan. Additionally, the crate offers a hyperbolic polar form for representing and manipulating numbers in the hyperbolic plane, as well as a matrix form representation feature based on nalgebra.

For an in-depth explanation (including visualizations) of perplex numbers and how they integrate with the crate's modules, see the Perplex Number Description in the repository.


  • The Perplex struct is equipped with a comprehensive set of common mathematical operations, courtesy of std::ops and num_traits.
  • Emulating the functionality of nalgebra::Complex, the Perplex struct mirrors most functions found in the num_complex crate, maintaining consistent naming conventions.
  • It supports the hyperbolic polar form across all sectors of the plane.
  • The matrix representation feature is based upon the robust foundation of nalgebra::Matrix.



cargo add perplex_num or add this to Cargo.toml:

perplex_num = "0.1"

The matrix feature is enabled by default, which adds the nalgebra crate as a dependency. This can be disabled with:

perplex_num = "0.1"
default-features = false


The examples directory contains various practical demonstrations of how to use the perplex_num crate. These examples not only illustrate the usage of perplex numbers but also show how to produce visualizations as seen in the Perplex Number Description.

For instance, examples/visualize_functions.rs is executed by the following command:

cargo run --example visualize_functions

This will generate an image that depicts the behavior of functions like sinh, cos, inv, and exp when applied to perplex numbers.

Creating a Perplex Number and Performing Operations

Here's a quick example of how to get started with creating a perplex number and performing basic operations:

use perplex_num::Perplex;

fn main() {
    // Create a Perplex number with real part 1.0 and hyperbolic part 0.5
    let z = Perplex::new(1.0, 0.5);
    // Calculate the hyperbolic sine of the perplex number
    let z_sinh = z.sinh();
    // Raise the perplex number or it's inverse to the power of 2
    let z_squared = z.powu(2);
    let z_inv_squared = z.powi(-2).expect("z is invertible");

    println!("The hyperbolic sine of {} is {:.5}", z, z_sinh);
    println!("{} raised to the power of 2 is {:.3}", z, z_squared);
    println!("{} raised to the power of -2 is {:.3}", z, z_inv_squared);


Test coverage report is generated with cargo tarpaulin. Invoke it with:

cargo tarpaulin --verbose --all-targets --skip-clean --exclude-files "examples/*.rs" "benches/*.rs"


The perplex_num crate is tested for rustc 1.76.



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