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Let Engine

simple game engine

  • Heavily under development.
  • Not all features are ready. The development phase is Alpha.

Facts and features

  • Better than Unity

  • Layer based object system

  • Labels and text

  • Custom shader support (limited)

  • Egui support as a feature

  • Rapier Physics

  • Tick System


To do:

  • Sounds

  • 3D layers

  • Post processing

  • Serialisation, Deserialisation with Serde

  • Resource packing system

  • Better labels with text edit and caret


Command line:

cargo add let_engine

Debian based dependencies

sudo apt install -y libxcb-render0-dev libxcb-shape0-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev build-essential cmake libvulkan-dev libasound2-dev libfontconfig1-dev

Arch based dependencies

sudo pacman -Sy vulkan-devel 


run by doing

cargo run --example pong / circle / egui


For best performance compile to release with this in the Cargo.toml

opt-level = 3
lto = "fat"
codegen-units = 1

Minimum requirements (Client)

A graphics driver with Vulkan 1.2 support.


feel free to contribute. Go resolve some of the issues I made or take a look at this: dependency status also read the contribution guidelines.


Once all planned features have been implemented, the code looks acceptable, the performance is acceptable and when I am happy with the format I will release 1.0.0.

After the first stage of my game engine is completed, this is where I will start advertising the game engine. Only together this game engine can be made great.



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