Cargo Features

rapier2d = { version = "0.18.0", default-features = false, features = ["dim2", "f32", "parallel", "simd-stable", "simd-nightly", "simd-is-enabled", "wasm-bindgen", "serde-serialize", "enhanced-determinism", "debug-render", "profiler", "debug-disable-legitimate-fe-exceptions", "dev-remove-slow-accessors"] }
default = dim2, f32

These default features are set whenever rapier2d is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

dim2 default

Affects contact_pair::ContactData.tangent_impulse, rapier2d::math.MAX_MANIFOLD_POINTS, rapier2d::math.Jacobian, rapier2d::math.JacobianView, rapier2d::math.JacobianViewMut, rapier2d::math.SPATIAL_DIM, rapier2d::math.ANG_DIM, outlines::instances

f32 default
parallel = rayon
simd-stable = simd-is-enabled

Enables wide of simba

simd-nightly = simd-is-enabled

Enables packed_simd of simba

simd-is-enabled simd-nightly? simd-stable? = vec_map

Do not enable this feature directly. It is automatically enabled with the "simd-stable" or "simd-nightly" feature.

Affects joint_constraint_builder::JointTwoBodyConstraintBuilderSimd, joint_constraint_builder::JointOneBodyConstraintBuilderSimd


Enables wasm-bindgen of instant

serde-serialize = serde

Enables serde of arrayvec and bit-vec, serde-serialize of nalgebra and parry2d


Enables enhanced-determinism of parry2d, libm_force of simba

profiler = instant

Enables the internal profiler.


Feature used for debugging only.


Feature used for development and debugging only.
Do not enable this unless you are working on the engine internals.

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

vec_map simd-is-enabled?
instant profiler? wasm-bindgen?
rayon parallel?
serde serde-serialize?