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Common test functions and utilities used by htsget-rs.


This crate contains shared code used for testing by other htsget-rs crates. It has common server tests, as well as other utility functions.


For running htsget-rs as an application

There is no need to interact with this crate for running htsget-rs.

As a library

This crate contains util functions and server_tests. The server_tests use some example requests to test the ticket server and the data block server. To use the server_tests, TestServer and TestRequest need to be implemented, and then the test_* functions can be called.

This library is intended to be used as a development dependency.

Feature flags

This crate has the following features:

  • http-tests: used to enable common functionality for HTTP tests.
  • cors-tests: used to enable CORS tests.
  • server-tests: used to enable server tests.
  • s3-storage: used to enable S3Storage functionality.
  • url-storage: used to enable UrlStorage functionality.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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