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Framework dependent code for a cloud-based instance of htsget-rs, using AWS Lambda.


This crate is used for running a cloud-based instance of htsget-rs. It:


For running htsget-rs as an application

This crate can be deployed to AWS as a Lambda function, or interacted with locally using cargo-lambda. See deploy for more details. Note, this crate does not use any configuration relating to the local data server. CORS configuration uses values from the ticket server config. See htsget-config for more information about configuration.

See htsget-search for details on how to structure files.

As a library

There shouldn't be any need to interact with this crate as a library, however some functions which deal with routing queries are exposed in the public API.

Feature flags

This crate has the following features:

  • s3-storage: used to enable S3Storage functionality.
  • url-storage: used to enable UrlStorage functionality.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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