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Framework independent code for handling HTTP in htsget-rs.


This crate handles all the framework independent code for htsget-rs, it:

  • Produces htsget-specific HTTP responses.
  • Converts query results to JSON HTTP responses.
  • Handles htsget client error reporting.
  • Uses htsget-search to calculate URL tickets and byte ranges.


For running htsget-rs as an application

There is no need to interact with this crate for running htsget-rs.

As a library

This crate is useful for implementing additional framework dependent versions of the htsget-rs server. For example, htsget-rs could be written using another framework such as warp. This crate provides functions like get, post and get_service_info_json for this purpose. These functions take query and endpoint information, and process it using htsget-search to return JSON HTTP responses.

Feature flags

This crate has the following features:

  • s3-storage: used to enable S3Storage functionality.
  • url-storage: used to enable UrlStorage functionality.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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