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Provides event handling for egui in SDL2 window applications

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0.4.0 Feb 15, 2023
0.3.0 Dec 12, 2022

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Provides event handling for egui when SDL2 is used as the windowing system.

This crate does not perform any rendering, but it can be combined with something like the egui-wgpu backend.

Most of the code is just adaptively copied from egui_sdl2_gl

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Clone the development repository for simple example program.

To run the example program, use this command at the root of the repository:

cargo run --bin example

You might be interested in checking out egui_sdl2_platform as it seems to be doing the same job with more simplicity. egui_sdl2_platform depends on egui_wgpu_backend whereas egui-sdl2-event depends directly on the internal egui's wgpu implementation egui-wgpu.


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