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Docking system for egui - an immediate-mode GUI library for Rust

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0.12.0 Apr 5, 2024
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0.11.2 Feb 16, 2024
0.9.1 Dec 10, 2023
0.2.1 Sep 9, 2022

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egui_dock: docking system for egui

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Originally created by @lain-dono, this library provides a docking system for egui.


Before contributing, please read the contribution guide.

This library is a collaborative project developed with direct involvement of its users.

Please feel free to open new issues and pull requests, and participate in discussions! A lot of our discussions take place on egui's official Discord server, in the #egui_dock channel.


  • Opening and closing tabs.
  • Moving tabs between nodes and resizing.
  • Dragging tabs out into new egui windows.
  • Highly customizable look and feel.
  • High degree of control over behaviour of the whole dock area and of individual tabs.
  • Manipulating tabs and dock layout from code.

Quick start

Add egui and egui_dock to your project's dependencies.

egui = "0.26"
egui_dock = "0.12"

Then proceed by setting up egui, following its quick start guide. Once that's done, you can start using egui_dock – more details on that can be found in the documentation.


The Git repository of this crate contains some example applications demonstrating how to achieve certain effects. You can find all of them in the examples folder.

You can run them with Cargo from the crate's root directory, for example: cargo run --example hello.





It's a library aiming to achieve similar goals in addition to being more flexible and customizable.

One feature it supports that egui_dock does not at the moment is the ability to divide nodes into more than two children, enabling horizontal, vertical, and grid layouts.

[!NOTE] egui_tiles is much earlier in development than egui_dock and doesn't yet support a lot of features.


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